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Megan Young

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Image courtesy of Emily Flory © 2023

Founded in 2022, Sun Parlor Studio is the work of Cleveland-based artist and educator Megan Young. She graduated with a BFA in Sculpture + Expanded Media from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2020. There she created found object art using everyday objects like extension cords, sponges, and string lights, while simultaneously taking elective ceramics classes and assisting local ceramicists part-time. Making beautiful, useful ceramic objects presented a liberating contrast to the often self-psychoanalytic practice of working as a fine artist. The seeds of Sun Parlor Studio were planted then, as an obsession over the boundaries between art, craft, and design developed. After graduating in 2020, Young began making pottery out of her sunroom, which is where the name originates.


Sun Parlor Studio provides slow-made, small batch and one-of-one pottery and ceramics classes. It is owned and solely operated by artist, educator, and hobby gardener Megan Young. I'm talking about her in the third person like I'm her assistant or biographer or something, which is weird, because I'm not. Hi, it's me! Thanks for making it this far.


I believe in the value of play and joy in our everyday lives, and that we don't necessarily need more objects but that the objects we do have should make daily life more sacred. I appreciate ceramics' ability to facilitate community and everyday rituals, which are so essential to our wellbeing.


The Studio

Where it all began

All Sun Parlor ceramics are made with love in my humble home pottery studio in Cleveland, OH. My studio is in my sunroom/mud room. I renovated this room in 2021 and it feels entirely different from the rest of the house. It's bright and inspiring and I love spending time in it. It has its own separate entrance at the back of the house, great lighting, and white walls and ceilings. The sunroom is where the making process begins. It houses the wheel, clay, slab roller, wedging tables, and shelves. Once all the greenware is completed, it gets fired in the kiln in the basement, and then glazed in the spare room attached to the sunroom.



Added to the studio in 2023


If you ever take a group workshop or book a private party, you'll be in the garage studio. This space was renovated over the course of a year (and is still a work in progress!) It features a large work table suitable for up to 10 people at a time, bright work lighting, white walls and ceilings, and of course art all over the walls. In 2024 we are continuing to improve the garage, adding shelving, additional work spaces, storage, and eventually windows! Updates to the garage studio are posted on Instagram and (less frequently) in the email newsletter.

The garage studio is primarily a handbuilding studio. All wheel-throwing takes place in the sunroom, which houses the pottery wheel. In the future, additional wheels might be added to the garage studio. To be decided!

This studio (as implied by the fact that it's in a garage) is an indoor-outdoor space. When the weather is nice we leave the garage door open. It's a lovely place to make art!

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